Saturday mornings usually include a stop at the Farmers Market where we grab our produce for the week. What’s in season changes month to month, and the array of options never ceases to amaze me. I always leave impressed by each farm’s ability to grow such beautiful vegetables, but this post really has nothing to do with tomatoes, sweet corn, and squash. As I meandered between the tables this Saturday, I was struck by this truth… 

What you feed grows.

Growing produce is no different than anything else we do in life. The perfect tomato is the result of many things – a high-quality seed, protection from the elements, etc. Most of all, it requires the ideal combination of sunlight, water, and fertilizer. It needs to be fed.

You and I are no different than the farmer and the tomato. Every day, we’re watering and fertilizing different parts of our lives. We’re choosing the parts we’re going to feed, and which pieces are going to receive the most light and attention. At the same time, since we only have so much “water” and “fertilizer” to give, we’re not feeding other areas. That’s ok.

Here’s an example – possibly the most important I could share with you…

In your own life, day to day, are you feeding the positive or the negative? The answer to this question, and most importantly understanding how you’re feeding the positive, has a huge impact. Here are five more areas to consider that will shed some light on what you’re feeding:

  1. When my day starts, do I expect things to work in my favor, or against me?
  2. When I encounter challenges in my day, do I look for solutions or get stuck in the trials?
  3. Do I surround myself with positive influences or negative people?
  4. Are you a source of positivity in the lives of the people around you?
  5. What role does your faith play in how you feed your life?

Simply put, if you’re feeding the positive, your life will grow more positive. If you’re feeding the negative, your life will grow more negative. There’s no way around that truth. What we feed grows, so making sure to fertilize the right parts of our lives is more important than we understand.

So how do we fertilize things in our lives?

It begins with where you put your time. Then, based on where you’re spending your time, where are you putting your energy? With those in mind, are you using your resources to help you fertilize what’s most important? 

In my own life, I’m fertilizing positivity in a few ways. It begins with some quiet time each day to explore my faith, connect with God, and pray over my day. Then, I’m intentional to set time aside each week to connect with the people who are a positive influence in my own life. I’ve also tried, with the resources we have, to be as generous as possible, stretching to do more even when it gets uncomfortable. When I encounter challenges (and we all do) I work hard to see the bumps in the road through the lens of the bigger journey, not just the moment I’m in. It’s not always easy, and sometimes I take two steps backward before I make it forward, but feeding the positive delivers a massive ROI.

The other thing to consider, along with what we’re feeding in our lives, is our need to weed from time to time. As we’re trying to grow the positive in our lives, there comes a time to pull some of the negative weeds so they don’t take over the garden. Reading this, a couple of weeds may have come to mind. Pull them and make room for the positive!

The Takeaway

What we feed grows, so whatever areas in your life that you’ve been watering, fertilizing, and giving sunlight to, those are the ones where you’re seeing the most growth. Today, take a moment to check in with yourself and think through what you’re feeding. Adjust what you need to, and focus on what you feed!

Ready for More?

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