In the Summer 2020 Depth Check-Up, I asked you to describe how you’re feeling right now in three words. Here’s the unedited version of what you shared with me… 

“Hopeful, doubtful, questioning”

“anticipation, relaxed, optimistic”

“Hopeful, excited for future possibilities, peace”




“Tired, sad and hot (its too humid out & can’t cool off)”

“Resigned. Hopeful. Limited.”

“Tired hopeful happy”

“grateful, ambitious, loved”

“Grateful, determined, hopeful”

“Tired, motivated, curious”

“Concerned, Angry, Hopeful”




“Overwhelmed, out of control and tired”

“Optimistic, happy, concernedaboutthewaythingsareheading (3 words ;)”

“Thankful, Scattered, Hopeful”

“Referring to your previous question, I feel all six of those things many times every day of the week and have since March 15.”

“Anxious, fearful, alone”

“Motivated. Realistic. Joyful”

“Excited, nervous, optimistic”

“Excited, nervous, cautious”

“hopeful, anxious, motivated”

“happy, tired, pulled”

“Energized, Calm, Present”

“Ready, questioning, ansty”

“Content. Optimistic. Hopeful.”

“Bad, upset, unsafe”

“Relieved, content, chill”

“Isolated, dispondent, disillusioned”

“Suicidal lonley depressed”

“Excited Stressed Hopeful”

“Alright, good, chill.”

“Angry, disillusioned, stressed”

“Angry mad sad”

“mentally exhausted”

“Annoyed, frustrated, angry”

“Feel like progress is being made with covid.”

“Confident ambitious aggressive”

“depressed, tired, avoidant”

“Pissed depressed hopeless”

“uncertain of the future”

“Apathetic, hurt, nostalgic”

“Sad angry disappointed”

“Content bored horny”

“Super f-in’ tired”

“Worried, helpless, appalled”

“annoyed, anxious, frustrated”

“New pioneering watchful”

“Full satisfied hopet”

“Same shit different day, living the dream”

“Grateful. Our part of the state hasn’t been hit hard”

“Somewhat worried. Kids start school in 10 days.”

“Depressed Anxious Numb”

“Bored, restless, impatient”

“Healthy, alert, fed”

“happy, thankful, blessed”


“Happy, content, improving”



“Frustrated, purposeless, stuck”

“Tired. of all the arguing about every issue”

“Stressed, hopeless, lonely”

“Frustrated, dismayed, stircrazy”




“Irritable, furious, hopeless”

“Content at home”

“Cautiously Secure”

“Awake, alert, numb”

“Pissed, frustrated, annoyed”

“Pessimistic, anxious, depressed”


“Exhausted, tired, worried”



“tired normal anxious”

“Depressed, anxious, uncertain”

“Depressed, bored, restless”

“Relaxed. Content. Bored”

“Good, normal, happy”

“Calm, focused, frustrated”




“Angry frustrated exhausted”

“Angry, pessimistic, impotent”

“angry frustrated outraged”

“Tired, empty, resigned”

“Nervous, confused, tired”

“you suck spammer”

“Bored Relaxed Laidback”

“Tired, anxious, angry”


“Uncertain, fearful, optimistic”

“Sad, scared, anxious”

“Sad, scared, bothered”

“Unmotivated withdrawn quiet”

“Depressed, tired, anxious”

“Tired, stuck, weary”

“Sad, anxious, frustrated”

“Exhausted, hopeless, burned-out”




“Tired, excited, hopeful”

“Lost, helpless, confused”

“Disposable, apprehensive, numb”

“Good, ok anxious”

“Happy. Good. Safe.”

“I just told you. Anxious and fearful, depressed”

“Anxious fearful uncertain”

“Exhausted, fearful, hopeful”



“Tired, Bored, and Unhopeful”

“Anxious, defeated, tense.”


“Pissed off. Frustrated. Angry.”

“relaxed content productive”




“Hopeless, alone, beaten”

“Loved. Tired. Hopeful.”

“Conflicted, exhausted, protective”

“Tired, unhopeful, numb”

“Hopeful, concerned, buzzed”

“Tired, hungover, chill”

“uncertain and unsure”




“Worried, tired, frustrated”

“normal, apathetic, content”

“Depressed, anxious, fearful”

“Worried, hurt and alone”

“Lonely, nostalgic, tired”

“Excited, expecting, cautious”

“Resigned. Irritated. Bored”

“Unmotivated, useless, unknown”

“Optimistic, tired, cautious”







“Stressed, anxious, angry”

“Paranoid nervous annoyed”

“Satisfied, happy, fulfilled”

“Happy satisfied grateful”

“Bored sad lonely”

“Exhausted but capable”


“Tired relieved sore”

“Tired of Covid”

“Unconcerned, relaxed, chill (but-should-be-working-on-something)”

“I’m the best”



“Anxious, disillusioned, disenfranchised”

“Uneasy, stressed, numb”

“There’s no justice”

“our parents lied”

“our teachers lied”

“free market slavery”

“we need revolution”

“Economy is dead.”

“Stupid ass survey”

“Dismayed about politics”

“Proud, hopeful, ready”

“Confident, optimistic, fearless”

“frustrated, angry, disappointed”

“Tired, hopeful, lonely”

“Unsure, pessimistic, persistent”

“stressed, tired, isolated”

“hot, sweaty, busy”

“Restless, tired and annoyed”

“doing just fine”