The end of my 75 Hard journey is on my doorstep. In 24 hours, I’ll be celebrating seventy-five days of discipline and hard work. Reflecting back on the last 1776 hours, I’ve found the idea of finishing this more emotionally charged than I could have expected. Like finishing a marathon, crossing this finish line brings back images of the entire racecourse and experience. That’s what is flashing through my mind right now… images of the last seventy-five days and what I’ve accomplished.

Images of those first few days, when it barely got above zero, and my last walk in the pouring rain, with water dripping down the brim of my jacket’s hood and my face… 75 Hard has taught me to take uncomfortable circumstances and lean into them. It has tested my grit. Where I would have normally let the rain or the cold keep me from challenging myself, I now see terrible weather as a reason to get out and embrace the discomfort with a giant bear hug. I can now smile in the middle of those experiences rather than grimacing my way through them.

Images of those days when I still had pages to read, water to drink, or exercise to do when everyone else was going to sleep… 75 Hard taught me that there are times when, if you really want to achieve something, you have to do what other people won’t. I’ve had many moments where the rest of my family was winding down, and I still had 75 Hard requirements to complete. None of this has been easy, but over and over again, I’ve learned that doing hard things is part of the journey… and that there are rewards on the other side for us when we do the work.

Images of times when I wanted to cheat on my diet or sneak a drink… My 75 Hard accountability partner and co-host of the Grit Meets Growth podcast, Chris Cathers, shared this with me early on in the program. “Someone asked me to grab a drink, and when I declined, they asked me who would know if I did cheat? My response? I would know, and that’s all that matters.” That stuck with me. There are so many areas in our lives where we can cut corners or cheat just a little bit, and it probably won’t hurt anyone. You know what, though? It will hurt me. I used to cut corners from time to time… not anymore.

Above all else, 75 Hard has trained me to identify my excuses, name them, and kill them as quickly as possible like enemy combatants. Then, once the excuses are dead, to tap into my discipline and get after it… whatever “it” is in the moment.

Look at that list above… What will I remember the most vividly? The moments where things were hard, challenging, tough, and uncomfortable… and I wasn’t sure if I would succeed. This was my 2022 Misogi Challenge, and those moments brought out the best in me. That’s what I’ll carry with me into the future. Those moments have made it clear to me that I have more untapped potential inside me, and I’m excited to find out what I can do with this newfound confidence, resilience, and strength.

Walking out of 75 Hard, here’s my new ethos: I am strong, and I am someone who does hard things. I lean into the uncomfortable, and I do it with a smile. I seek challenges and meet them with confidence. I don’t cut corners, and excuses will not overpower me. Instead, I put my excuses to death, and I walk toward the things I fear with my head high and my eyes focused. I assess my actions, progress, and results with brutal honesty. I’m defined by my discipline and the small things I’m doing every day, consistently, that are helping me get stronger for myself and those around me that I care about. I care for myself mentally and physically, and I am committed to serving others in every way I can. 

That’s who I am. Thank you, 75 Hard, for everything.

Get after it. – John

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