I found myself curious the other day, interested in finding out how we’re all doing in the midst of one of the most unpredictable times ever. Working from home, a new school year, social distancing and isolation, racism in America, and the coming election – 2020 has challenged our limits. We’ve all been traveling a rocky path over the last few months.

I wanted to check in…

…to see how we’re all holding up, so I set up this quick survey. Where are you finding optimism right now, and what’s keeping you up at night? What’s good right now, and what’s challenging your will to stay positive? If you could click here, take just a few minutes and anonymously share what’s on your mind, I’d appreciate it!

It’s always been my goal to write things on the Depth Not Width blog to share ideas on creating deeper, more fulfilling lives – and to help us navigate the trail when it gets rocky. This quick survey will help me create a quick snapshot of where everyone’s at right now, and guide my blogs so they add the most value to each of you. As well, once I get your feedback, I’ll share with you all how we’re doing together collectively. None of us can navigate any of this alone – together is the only way we’ll survive and thrive.

Thanks in advance for your insights and transparency. Remember, all your responses are anonymous… so please feel free to be honest and open with where you’re really at. I appreciate each of you!

Click here to take the survey and add your insights to this 2020 check-up!

– John Gamades