I wanted to share some early insights from the Summer 2020 Depth Check Up that I began last week, focused on digging into how we’re all doing right now. If you haven’t participated yet, please consider taking five minutes to add your own insights. The responses I’ve received so far have been real and raw, and have left me inspired and more empathetic than ever before.
You can add your insights to the survey by clicking here.
Let me start here. The second question on the survey is this: “What three words describe how you’re feeling today?” It’s a wide-open, fill in the blank with whatever you want question. Here are some early answers that capture the range of emotions that we’re navigating…
• Resigned, hopeful, limited.
• Tired, motivated, curious.
• Optimistic, happy, concernedaboutthewaysthingsareheading.
• Concerned, angry, hopeful.
Sound familiar? There’s such a mix, not only between responses but WITHIN the responses. One individual can be angry and hopeful all at the same time.
One of my favorite responses to the three-words question above referred back to the survey’s first question, “Today, I am feeling…” There are three multiple-choice options to choose from for that first question: Upbeat and optimistic, uncertain and unsure, anxious and fearful. When I asked the three-word question, here’s the reply I received: “I feel all six of these things many times every day of the week and have since March 15th.”
That about nails it… We’re experiencing varying degrees of optimism, uncertainty, and anxiety – all at once. 
We all are. All of us, together. There is no “alone” in a pandemic.
There are so many more insights in here that I will be sharing in the future. For now, if you haven’t taken the quick Depth Check Up survey, I’d like to invite you again to let your voice be heard. It’s anonymous, so you can say whatever you want, and there’s no judgment here – just real life.
Share where you’re at today by clicking here… and thank you! – John