My twins started driver’s ed today. Like almost everything these days that resembles a meeting with a group of people, they’re using Zoom. At fourteen, I just witnessed them both experience the terror of their first Zoom call. Their browsers didn’t support Zoom, so they had to download the app… Click here… Almost downloaded… Here it comes… Now what? They logged in for the first time (four more steps to do that) and then saw themselves appear on the screen. The whole process was terrifying – all two minutes of it. It was like watching a bull rider at the rodeo trying to stay in the saddle for eight seconds. Although they Facetime every day with their friends, every step of getting prepped for their first Zoom “meeting” was stressful… but they stayed on the bull.

We’re all bull riders right now…

Many of us have shared this same experience over the last few months. The number of new things we’ve had to navigate for the first time is great, and the pressure to adapt quickly to these new environments has been immense. We’ve all gotten bucked violently out of our comfort zones during this season, and all of us have experienced new challenges. We may have gotten bucked off a few times, but we all keep getting back on.

You know what I have to say to that?

Bravo! Congratulations for having the guts and resilient spirits that you’ve needed to keep moving forward even when you felt like you were about to get stuck. High five on all the new technology you’ve learned to work with, and great work keeping your spirits high. Well done sharing all those video chats with your kids in the background – they’re pretty cute, and your dog is adorable! Props to you for getting dressed this morning, and making an effort to at least put on a nice enough top that it looks like you showered. When your internet went down, and the connection started getting glitchy, you did a great job holding it together. 

Yes, bravo to all of us. 

Give yourself a pat on the back. These last few months have sucked – a little bit for some, more so for others. That may not be PC to say, but the truth is truth. That said, we are strong. We’re tough, and we’re getting through this. Just like those two fourteen-year-olds I have sitting upstairs right now, you kick butt – and I just wanted to recognize you for that. 

Today, I want to recognize all of us – because we’re all in this together at the end of the day. Happy Monday, good luck on your next Zoom call, and keep stepping up to all those challenges…

– John

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