I was watching a documentary the other day on the meteoric rise of an entertainer we all know. Who it is doesn’t matter. What matters is this single line from the documentary that set the trajectory for every bit of success they enjoyed…

“He was bold enough to bet on himself.”

Before we go any further, ask yourself this question. Would you be bold enough to bet on you?

Notice that the word “bold” is included in there. I’m not asking if you’d bet on yourself. I want to know if you’d be BOLD enough to bet on yourself. Would you bet on you even if you knew the odds were stacked against you? Would you bet on yourself even if you knew you didn’t possess every skill or strength needed to accomplish your goal? Would you bet on you, even when no one else would?

Twenty years ago, I sat across the desk from my now business partner. She was interviewing me for a job and asked me repeatedly if I had all the skills to do that job. “Do you know how to _____?” Fill in the blank. I responded again and again, “Yes.” Finally, I convinced her that I could do everything the job required and that I was up to the task – so she bet on me. We’re still working side by side two decades later. 

She bet on me AFTER I bet on myself.

As she asked me if I had the required skills for the job, I knew that I did not. I was 60% of what she was looking for at best – but I knew that I could make up that last 40% of ground if I was given the opportunity. With every “Yes, I can” statement and head nod, I was betting on me.

I was going all-in on my potential. I was tapping into all the previous times where I had stretched myself and accomplished things I thought were beyond me. I was reminding myself that I am stronger than I know.

I’m conflicted about writing this right now. If I were hiring that same young kid twenty years ago, would I want someone to stretch what they were capable of, aka lie about it, and possibly screw me over in the process? And at the same time, wouldn’t I want to bet on someone willing to bet on themself first? 

I choose the second option. Bet on yourself and convince me that you can. Sell me your confidence, your optimism, and your courage. Sell me your vision, and give me room to buy into it with you. Be bold and bet on you… so that I can bet on you.

The Takeaway

We’re all going to encounter a task or challenge this week or next that stretches what we know we’re capable of. At that moment, when it comes, be bold and bet on you. Bet on yourself, bet on your vision, and bet on what’s inside that you haven’t already tapped into. Bet on your potential and the possibilities. When it’s time… go all in on you.

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Make today awesome and get after it!