Embracing your Weaknesses – The Power of an Outside Perspective

How well do you understand your weaknesses? I mean, the gaps you have in your life that are holding you back – the things that are keeping you from creating the depth you'd like to… It struck me the other day that although I think I know what my weaknesses are, I might be missing [...]

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Dear Dad…

You’ve been gone now for about thirteen years. I lost you in an instant, and time has flown by since. When you died, the twins were not even a year old. Today, they are fourteen. You would be so proud of them and the adults they’re becoming. As a dad myself, now raising teenagers, I [...]

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Keeping the Little Things Little and Focusing on What Really Matters

“Where are all the staples? I just need one freakin’ staple. What good is a stapler with no staples?” This tirade raged in my head for about five minutes – about five minutes and one second too long. I’m in my home office, looking at the notes I just captured on a call, wanting to [...]

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