What three words describe how you’re feeling today?

In the Summer 2020 Depth Check-Up, I asked you to describe how you're feeling right now in three words. Here's the unedited version of what you shared with me...  “Hopeful, doubtful, questioning” “anticipation, relaxed, optimistic” “Hopeful, excited for future possibilities, peace” “Fearful” “Anxious” “Uncertain” “Tired, sad and hot (its too humid out & can't cool [...]

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Some Early Insights from the Summer 2020 Depth Check Up…

I wanted to share some early insights from the Summer 2020 Depth Check Up that I began last week, focused on digging into how we’re all doing right now. If you haven’t participated yet, please consider taking five minutes to add your own insights. The responses I’ve received so far have been real and raw, [...]

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Here’s to staying on that bull named COVID…

My twins started driver's ed today. Like almost everything these days that resembles a meeting with a group of people, they're using Zoom. At fourteen, I just witnessed them both experience the terror of their first Zoom call. Their browsers didn't support Zoom, so they had to download the app… Click here... Almost downloaded... Here [...]

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Embracing your Weaknesses – The Power of an Outside Perspective

How well do you understand your weaknesses? I mean, the gaps you have in your life that are holding you back – the things that are keeping you from creating the depth you'd like to… It struck me the other day that although I think I know what my weaknesses are, I might be missing [...]

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Dear Dad…

You’ve been gone now for about thirteen years. I lost you in an instant, and time has flown by since. When you died, the twins were not even a year old. Today, they are fourteen. You would be so proud of them and the adults they’re becoming. As a dad myself, now raising teenagers, I [...]

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