Turning off the Negativity and Feeding Your Mind The Right Diet

When I was training for my first marathon, one of the things I had to focus on to prepare my body for success was my nutrition. During my training, I became hyper-aware of what I was feeding myself. To optimize my physical strength and stamina, I had to control what I was allowing into my [...]

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Where do you need some rebar in your life?

When they pour thick slabs of concrete, they use rebar to help make it stronger. The tensile strength is significantly increased by inserting carbon steel bars or mesh steel wires into the concrete during construction. The rebar helps resist cracking and breakage, and it absorbs stress and the other forces that will try to destroy [...]

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The essential intersection between motivation, discipline, and reaching your goals

As many of you know, I have two twins who are ending their freshman year in high school. Our mornings usually begin with me driving them to school, one of my favorite times of today. This morning, I was talking about how being lazy and unmotivated weren’t that different… Then, my daughter broke in from [...]

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Success: A Simple Tool for Creating Your Own Personal Definition

Here's the final post in my series on "success," where I've been exploring how we define it, what it looks like, and the obstacles that are holding us back. Through all of this, we've been building a solid framework for our own definition of success. Keep in mind, how we define success is very personal. [...]

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Success: What’s holding you back and how to create breakthroughs

As I've shared in my recent writing, I've been exploring the topic of success and I created a simple survey where I asked people to help me define it. I promised in my last post to talk about the responses to this survey question, “In one or two sentences, what is your definition of success?” [...]

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Creating A Personal Vocabulary For Defining Your Version of Success

As I shared in my last post, I’m on a personal journey to define success. It’s something we all want, but many of us have no idea what we’re actually chasing. I liked the word “success” but had no idea what it really meant to me personally. Acknowledging that, I took a step back and [...]

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