Start Where You Stand

When is the best time to plant a tree? Thirty years ago. The next best time to plant one? Today. I’m spending a few days at a cabin in the woods as we're winding down our summer and transitioning into fall, a new school year, fourth quarter, and another season in our lives. As I [...]

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Because some days 80% is all I’ve got to give…

In a hustle-and-grind world, the pressure to go harder, do more, and be great at it all creates a heavy weight. I’m trying to be dad-of-the-year, the husband every wife wishes they had, employee of the month, a leader worth following, my mom's favorite son, someone my friends can count on, an impact maker in [...]

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A Souvenir from New York City – Five Ways Leaders Lead (And We’re All Leaders)

I’m writing this on a flight back from New York City, where I was able to take some time to connect with Cristina, the twins, and my two fantastic sisters-in-law. Reflecting on our time here, I’m bringing home five souvenir lessons in leadership (with the reminder that we’re ALL leaders) and a great bonus lesson [...]

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Quality Over Quantity – Battling This Blogger’s Ego and Confidence Issues

I didn’t realize, when I started this blog, that I had a confidence issue. And then I started writing… I geek out a little bit over data. It’s part of what I do every day at work. When a client posts new content, or starts an email campaign, I’m always excited to see what kind [...]

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The Sun’s Always Out (Even If You Can’t See It) – A Lesson in Faith

I woke up about 5:00 AM today and watched my daughter’s hospital room start to light up, ever so slowly. It had been black all through the night, other than the screens on her IV monitor, a few buttons on her bed, and the hallway light. Now the blackness was beginning to let go as [...]

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Depth, not Width. What does that actually mean?

It’s the name of my blog, but what’s behind the name? We all understand the concept of being stretched thin in life. Many of us, myself included, feel it every day. It’s creating a reality where the things that are most important to us are being hijacked by the unimportant. The downside? We’re being pulled [...]

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Lessons Learned As a Blended Family (And How They’ve Impacted My Leadership at Work)

Blending a family post-divorce is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It’s also been one of the most challenging. Every day, I’m learning valuable lessons about strengthening relationships, refining how we communicate, and leading my team at home. The most interesting part? Taking a step back to reflect, I’m watching the things [...]

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4 Ways to Focus Beyond Where You’re At Right Now

In the moment, right now, how are you feeling?  If you’re like most of us, amidst all our highs and lows this week, there will be moments where we feel stuck and overwhelmed. I talk to people every day who are personally and professionally stressed out, battling, and frustrated. Some of us are spinning our [...]

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