Quit Ruminating On Your Past and Chew on Neutral Thinking

It can be really easy in life to spend time looking backward, ruminating on what has already passed. That word, “ruminate,” is interesting. There are two meanings for it. First, it means to go over in the mind repeatedly, and often casually or slowly. Second, it speaks to how a cow eats. Simply put, they [...]

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Ten transformations that occur when you write your personal mission statement

When I wrote the blog post, “Living Life on Purpose – Your Personal Mission Statement,” I had no idea the impact it would make. Since it was published, it has been viewed thousands of times, and I’ve heard from so many individuals who have used it as the launchpad for creating their own personal mission [...]

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Help Wanted: America’s Tipping Point

Driving back to my office from a client, a trip of just a couple of miles, I encountered eleven “Help Wanted” signs. Eleven. I counted each of them as I passed by. Feather flags, vinyl banners, yard signs, banners on poles, window clings, digital monuments... It’s a sign company’s dream-come-true. America needs signs right now. [...]

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The best, most simple piece of advice we got for launching a podcast…

When Chris Cathers and I explored the launch of our new podcast, Grit Meets Growth, there were so many places to go for advice and success tips. We spent time watching videos on YouTube, reading blog posts and articles on Medium, and digging deep into the podcasting subreddits. We live in an exciting time when [...]

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Before you quit anything, ask yourself these three questions…

"Don't be a quitter." "It's always too soon to quit." "Quitters never win."  "Quit" has become a dirty word. None of us wants to be labeled a "quitter." I'm a loud supporter of not quitting myself. But let's turn the tables for a minute. What if quitting is exactly what we need to achieve what [...]

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When Active Listening Lands A Massive Right Hook

I’ve written in the past about the art and power of active listening. It’s one of those practices, especially when you pair it with some natural curiosity, that opens doors to so many opportunities. But what happens when, as you’re listening, someone shares with you an area where you need to do some work? What [...]

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