Kobe Bryant, Your Dreams, and Your Limiting Beliefs…

Regardless what you think about him, Kobe Bryant was a kid with a dream who made his dream a reality. There's a compelling story to be told about mindset and dreaming based on an interview Kobe shared with Dave Belasco and his students at the USC Performance Science Institute...  At the beginning of their chat [...]

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When I was hungry… A lesson in caring for one another

There’s a photo in my office of my grandfather. It’s a copy of a picture that used to hang in my grandmother’s apartment when we were kids. A Greek immigrant to the United States, my grandfather is pictured standing proudly in the diner he owned. There’s a customer at the counter enjoying his coffee, and [...]

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Act Like You Belong Here (Even When You Feel Like You Don’t)

Just before the police walked through the door, he told me, “Act like you belong here.”  Those words of wisdom were given to a 19-year-old version of myself by my friend Daryl. The house party we were at had gotten out of hand, and the police would be walking through the door any second. People [...]

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Five Things You Should Be Asking For (And No, You’re Not Being Selfish)

"You don’t have because you don’t ask."  Hearing those words was a gut-check for me. In looking ahead toward the things I’m working toward in the next months and years, there’s nothing on my list that I can do alone. That flies in the face of my natural tendency to try and do everything on [...]

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Believe. Trust. Do.

There are three words that I haven't been able to get out of my head for the last two months, Believe, Trust, Do. I've spent a ton of time in my head reflecting on how these three words are connected, and more important, what we're supposed to do with them. Starting a brand new year with wide-open [...]

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