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The Power of Daily Rituals in Getting The Most Important Things Done

Trying to manage schedules, workflow, goals, and all the things that “need” to get done can be challenging. Even more challenging can be trying to get the most important things done amid a sea of things that can distract and derail. Executing on the most important things is something I have been focusing on as [...]

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Three Simple Steps to Creating Your Couples Mission Statement Together

I've written about the idea of mission and mission statements many times in the past. I've spent thousands of hours working with companies to help define their mission and purpose, and I've also introduced the importance of developing a personal mission statement that guides you in life. Those clear, inspired mission statements, whether they're being [...]

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Actions Speak Louder… What Are Yours Saying?

Listening to a podcast today, I caught Lewis Howes and Adam Grant sharing a conversation on mindset. One of the ideas I took away from their discussion is this… If I SAY I value something, but where I’m spending my time and energy doesn’t reflect that value, it’s probably not true.  Actions speak louder than [...]

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