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Love the Climb

We love the rewards. We love the destination, the prize, and the achievements. All of those things feel good. But how many of us love the climb? I heard Evan Carmichael mention this the other day, and it's been on my mind ever since... How many of us really love the journey? Who loves those [...]

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Grace… Under Pressure

“Bear with me… Just give me a sec… Ummm… OK... I think... Here we go…” As I was walking through my house the other day, this is the conversation I heard coming from my fourteen-year-old son’s Zoom class. His teacher was working hard to share a piece of learning content, and wrestling with the technology [...]

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What’s Holding You Back? “I work at Walmart.”

Earlier this year, I asked people across the country to answer this question, "The one thing that is preventing me from creating more depth in my life professionally/personally right now is ______ ." Of all the responses I received, this one stuck out to me. "I work at Walmart." Here's why this hit me… It's [...]

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Fill in the blank… I would describe experiencing “depth” in my life as: _____

Wake up, kiss my wife, drop the kids at school, work, come home, eat dinner, run to activities, and sleep… then complete that same routine again tomorrow. And the day after. Life on repeat. That was me – and I knew there had to be more. Since starting my blog, Depth Not Width, I've been [...]

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What is causing you the most stress or anxiety today?

This was the fourth question on my Summer 2020 Depth Check-Up survey. I began by asking people to choose their current frame of mind: optimistic and excited, uncertain and unsure, or anxious and fearful. Then I asked people to sum up their current experience in three words, followed by a question asking them what they [...]

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Hey America, how are you doing today?

COVID-19, George Floyd, the election cycle, virtual learning, social distancing, unemployment, unknowns, and uncertainty… When I introduced the 2020 Depth Check-Up and asked people to share how they're handling all of this, it was rooted in a deep curiosity about how we're coping with all of this. It was my way of asking the world, [...]

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