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COVID finally broke me…

I bent, and I bent, and I bent… and finally, I broke. I’ve tried hard to stay optimistic throughout this pandemic and not allow the virus to steal my joy. I'm a positive, glass-half-full, life-is-good kind of guy. Every challenge represents an opportunity. There’s a silver lining to every cloud. God's got this under control. [...]

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Fill Your Own Cup First (Men, this one is for you too.)

It can be really easy to focus on what everyone else needs. What do my kids need as they're navigating the challenges of virtual-learning? What does my spouse need as they're trying to carry everything at home and work? What do my coworkers need as we're balancing all of this and trying to perform well [...]

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Love the Climb

We love the rewards. We love the destination, the prize, and the achievements. All of those things feel good. But how many of us love the climb? I heard Evan Carmichael mention this the other day, and it's been on my mind ever since... How many of us really love the journey? Who loves those [...]

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Grace… Under Pressure

“Bear with me… Just give me a sec… Ummm… OK... I think... Here we go…” As I was walking through my house the other day, this is the conversation I heard coming from my fourteen-year-old son’s Zoom class. His teacher was working hard to share a piece of learning content, and wrestling with the technology [...]

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